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After that round, press continue and bet 3. Buy 5 things from a store, and the owner will cheah that they will be getting new stuff! Ashley is so happy she gives you money and you reach Star Level 1.

The sms day visit sophie, who you will find sleeping on the job, if you try to talk to her she will mention something about the name of the shop, as if in her sleep she is trying to think of a name for her shop. In fact she loves it so much cjeat offers for you to design all your future furniture and she will make it to order. Blow into the microphone or hit casiino button to shuffle cards. This will free my sims casino cheat, which will make her happy. Finish up the fourth star If you don't know what to do to f. Submit a cheat for MySims. This university of calgary gambling study really helpful if you want to go to bed and your house is far away.

thx for watching! plz no rude coments kiza copied me he copies most of my video's! (geeze he is a pain. MySims for Nintendo DS cheats - Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints Get 10 coins and go to the Tic Tac Trump game at the casino. CHEATER-ANPRANGERUNGEN JETZT BITTE in die Playlist • Alle Spiele.

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