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Send a private message to Scarecrow. I also had the idea to make a green lantern set using the emotional spectrum and their corresponding symbols.

Not sure if I'll get the whole set but at least a couple. Originally Posted by TheGoatLantern. Send a private message to GreenLantern So I hate to do this but I'm throwing in the towel I'll be returning the black chips on tuesday. Yes, pooer get some of that but overall its not that bad. I just got the blank poker chips they are spot on. The time now is Batman's Wayne Casino Collectors Edition Poker Chips Complete Variant Set of Batman Dark Knight - The Joker Scale Collector Figure. we will be distributing 5 different collectible Wayne Casinos poker chips as $ Chips (Black) – These will be given away at DC panels. Wayne Casino Poker Chips ( Batman) Limited SDCC Edition BLACK.

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